The Effect of Industry 4.0 on Organizational Performance in Mogadishu


  • Manal Mohamed ABDULLE
  • Pınar BAŞAR


Industry 4.0, Organizational Performance, Technology Companies Mogadishu


The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of Industry 4.0 dimensions of technology companies in Somalia-Mogadishu on organizational performance. There are many technology companies established in Mogadishu. Most of them are based on Mobile network and Technology. Mogadishu, which gains more importance every year, can use organizational performance effectively, keep up with the world and take steps to develop the country with the integration of Industry 4.0 with the increase in the use of information technologies. In accordance with the research conducted 187 employees working in 14 enterprises in Somalia-Mogadishu to determine or reveal the effects of the information technology on organizational productivity and as a result it was concluded that Industry 4.0 technology dimensions have an impact on organizational performance. The results have significant implications both for the literature and in the existence organizations in Mogadishu. According to results; There is a positive and significant relationship between the E4.0 dimensions and product quality, efficiency in decision making in enterprises, work quality and job security of employees, product production and delivery in enterprises, the efficiency of the enterprise, the competitiveness of the enterprise, image of the company in the market and energy efficiency in enterprises. So it can be said that  E40 technology dimensions affect the quality of the organization of enterprises in a positive way.